Company Overview

ASIAN RESINATED FELT TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD was established in 1991.The resin felt factory of our company is situated on 1.8 hectare site at Lot 1565 Nilai Industrial Estate in Negeri Sembilan which is about 45 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, the capital city of Malaysia and 20 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

ASIAN RESINATED FELT TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is fully equipped with a modern laboratory and testing facilities to ensure strict quality control from the processing of raw materials to finished products.. The quality assurance is computed by the latest production technology, modern production equipment as well as qualified and well trained personnel.

  • Vision Statement: To become the leading manufacturer of felt for acoustics and heat insulation industries.
  • Business Mission: Be a growing profitable Malaysian based international felt manufacturer and supplier of acoustics and heat insulation material. & Be our customers’ best supplier and partner

Quality Objective

We, ASIAN RESINATED FELT TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD , manufacturer of felts for acoustics and sound insulation are committed to :

  • ACHIEVING on company’s target towards customer satisfaction via QCDS.
  • REALIZATION on product superiority through smart business partnership.
  • FACILITATE continuous improvement on company resources.
  • SERVE with responsibility.
  • BELIEVE in company’s business continuity.

Quality Policy

Stringent control lead to SUPERIOR Product .
Excellent SERVICES via strong technical support and prompt delivery.
Continuous improvement towards customer SATISFACTION.

Manufacturing Process

RESIN FELT MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Resin felt is a lightweight thermal and acoustic insulating material that combines design flexibility and high performance. It is high quality non-­?woven felt manufactured from synthetic and natural fibers through a completely automated process. Resin felt is self-­?extinguishing which does not promote combustion and cause Corrosion to metals. It is also has good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range and has low moisture absorption property.

TEXTILES FELT MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Phenolic resin bonded felts from shredded organic fibers have become an increasingly important application for solid pulverized phenolic resins. These porous felt materials are common acoustical insulation products used in the automotive industry for machinery housings, in living or office spaces. The fibers used are organic based (cotto-­?cellulose-­?polyester, jute) which are shredded into fibers 15 to 35mm long.

FELT MANUFACTURING PROCESS: The fibers are primarily mixed to homogenize them. They are deposited on a conveyor bell in (lie form of a mat. The mixing opera=on can be performed either by a mechanical or aerodynamically process. The powder resin is spread over the mat from a hopper, which covers the whole width & distributed by roller. The resin is uniformly distributed inside the fleecer by special operation. The resin level is about 20 meter long. The resin initially softens, immobilizes the fibers and bonds them firmly together. Curing is performed by hot air (120??C – 250??C) which is blown vertically on the surface of the fleece or drowns through it. After curing the fleece material cut to size, and quickly cooled to 40°C – 50°C, stacked and packed. Surface density: 400 – 2200g/m2